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Evacuation plans

The well-being of workers on the prevention of fire in the workplace Art. 11 to 14

Office and administration evacuation plan
school evacuation plan
museum evacuation plan
Sports complex evacuation plan

Evacuatio offers you plans:

clear evacuation plan


Easy to understand evacuation plan

Easy to understand

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evacuation plan instruction

With instructions

Overall plan

With an overall plan

They comply with the norms (partitioning, risk zones, size, etc.) and respect the existing legislation :

  • Code du bien-ĂȘtre au travail sur la prĂ©vention de l'incendie sur les lieux de travail
  • Welfare code at work
  • ISO 23601: 2009 standard

We also establish your evacuation plans : brochures, directives, visitors booklets, etc.

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