GoldFire, the right solution for your every need!

Created in 2004, GoldFire specializes in the protection of people and goods against fire risks.

At the head of the company we have Simon Goldberg, level 1 Safety and Health Prevention Advisor in charge of the training of level 2 prevention counsellors and of the advanced fire course at A-First - ANPI. He is assisted by Luc Michelland, engineer with a degree from the Ecole des Mines of Nancy.

As a fire consultancy company, we propose to analyze your risks and to assist you in your fire prevention procedures (intervention file, IEP, evacuation plans, training, etc.).

Our services are destined for professionals (prevention counsellors, architects, fire fighters, …) as well as for every company that wishes to prevent on site fire hazards.

GoldFire is more than a consultancy firm, we also have specific departments that can take care of your special needs :

Logo Evacuatio

Development of your evacuation policy and plans.

Logo Goldsign

Standard and personalized safety signage.

Logo Firetrust

Protection of your valuables.

Our strategy

At Goldfire, we ensure the best risk prevention for our customers according to laws and regulations. As professionals, we want to go further in our partnership with our customers. We propose a global reflexion on your risk policy by bringing the best safety solutions.

Our values

Goldfire's mission is to ensure his customers risk prevention through fundamental values such as : integrity, professionnalism and spirit of service.

GoldFire's professional ethics are based on these three strong values shared daily by its employees.

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