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Firefighters intervention files

The well-being of workers regarding fire prevention in the workplace Art.22

For whom and why ?

This file facilitates the work of the emergency teams during an intervention.

It gathers all of the information necessary for a rapid and effective intervention of the rescue services.

What is it composed of ?

The intervention file contains all the following information:

  • The document describing the organization of the Internal Fire Service.
  • The evacuation plans.
  • The list of fire protection equipments available on the site and their location on a map.
  • The location and operation of the electrical installations, the fluid closing valves used, the ventilation systems and the fire detection system.

This document must be made available to intervention teams at the entrance of the building.

Location of the building

Location of the building

Building description

Building description

Location plan

Location plan

Evacuation plans

Evacuation plans

Internal emergency plan (IEP)

The well-being of workers regarding fire prevention in the workplace Art. 24

What is it used for ?

In case of intervention, this file provides the vital information to the person in charge.

Then, it helps with the coordination between the administrative entities and the company.

Unlike the intervention plan, the IEP includes all safety measures and instructions for all potential hazards: fire, flooding, gas leakage, chemical spills, etc.

The internal emergency plan or IEP contains:

building drawing

A complete description of the building

file drawing

Reflex cards for each risk

diagram drawing

Different alerts diagrams

firetruck drawing

Intervention files

crisis unit drawing

Organization of the crisis unit

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